Flagship Brewery

Creating broad appeal by rewarding a hard working local community

branding|content strategy|video production

Grew #BeerEarned brand initiative with doc social series.

Combined social engagement with real-world events and rewards.

Kickstarted both holiday and brand activations simultaneously.


Flagship, a medium-sized craft brewery on Staten Island NYC, needed a way to expand brand awareness and get people into their taproom during the holiday season.

To achieve this, Newhouse created the Beer Earned. Glass, a customized pint glass given to locals (machinists to moms) who exemplified hard work. The glasses, given out at the taproom holiday party to everyone nominated, entitled the holder to beer specials year round -- a natural way for Flagship to give back to their community.

To spark interest in the promotion, we created videos illustrating the kind of hard work Flagship was talking about featuring all types -- from the brewers themselves... to local craftspeople.


Engagement was way beyond expectation, prompting additional Christmas-centric videos to entertain non-locals and attract more local friends to come share the holiday cheer (in the form of Flagship’s holiday brew the Wee Heavy).