Park MGM Las Vegas

Connecting to the media-saavy through micro-films by Michel Gondry

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LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES, an innovative branded film project shot by Olivier and Michel Gondry, consisted of six, eightsecond films, pushed the boundaries of traditional filmmaking and reinvented the notion of what a brand partnership can look like in 2018.

Working within a tight six week timeline, with limited talent availability, NEWHOUSE and VIRTUE crafted a series of pitch angles and talking points that presented the groundbreaking partnership with Park MGM in a way that promoted the purely creative aspects of the effort.

NEWHOUSE helped to create and host a special screening for LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES at Vice Media’s Los Angeles location. We invited out key press, social influencers and industry folks to watch the film series and stay for a special Q&A with Michel and Olivier Gondry.

The panel also included Founder & CEO of the Sydell Group Andrew Zobler and Virtue’s Chief Creative Officer Cameron Farrelly. The panel was moderated by Steve Greene of IndieWire. This helped NEWHOUSE achieve more press coverage around the project, and made quick use of the limited talent availability we had.

NEWHOUSE mailed 30 personalized, Las Vegas post cards and music mixtapes to key editors for more exposure to the LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES project and it’s release date of September 25th, 2018.

NEWHOUSE invited key social influencers to the special screening held at Vice Media’s in Los Angeles for added social posts with the project’s dedicated hashtag #LasVegasLoveStories. These social influencers also attended for gratis vs paid.


With aggressive pitching we were able to secure a vast array of coverage around the artistic and trailblazing collaboration on some of the industries most influential film, trade, tastemaker and cultural outlets, including a premiere with Indiewire.