Lil’ Miquela

Creating mainstream media interest around the first ever AI robot

branding|content strategy|public relations|influencer

Multi-tier press strategy with fashion, music, and news outlets.

Fashion partnership with Prada.

1.5m instagram followers.


To start the campaign, we worked with Miquela’s handlers at Brud on a roll-out strategy for editorial that treated her as a real-world talent.

  • fashion partnerships
  • merchandise
  • social activist fundraising campaigns
  • music press

We then pursued long-term relationships with key press partners to tell the larger story of the Miquela phenomenon.

Coverage was paced to allow organic growth, and we held off on in-depth interviews until the Miquela personality felt fully-formed

This approach allowed us to address potential obstacles quickly and thoroughly, including the hack of Miquela’s Instagram and the subsequent reveal that she was a construction of Brud.

Highlights from the campaign include a huge musical hit via Apple.

And a brand partnership with fashion giant PRADA.